The stupid is strong in this one

Wow. Where do I begin on this one?

Does this mean we’re hurting god when we hurt one another? Even if we’re following his commandments?

When you’re fucking someone else (and I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, straight or gay, etc) does that mean you’re fucking god, too? Does that make god bisexual and/or polyamorous?

Of course the biggest problem with this sign is the topic of a future essay: the fact that, long before recorded history, we figured out how best to survive as a species. Somewhere in this process, someone decided that this needed supernatural or divine approval of the good stuff and a metaphysical disapproval of the bad. And that creates both an inflexibility that persists today and an unwarranted certainty in your beliefs.


3 responses to “The stupid is strong in this one

  1. I get what they mean, but I think it’s stupid how they assume the thoughts and feelings of their God. Yeah, sure there are parts of the bible that give the impression that their God feels this way but there are also parts of the bible where that same God is advocation for genocide.

    If I have to take it as a whole, then is Gid suggesting that we murder with love in our hearts? Is this where things like honor killings get the God approval because a man is killing his raped daughter because he loves her so much he can’t bear to let her live dishonored?

    I think the Bible can be interpreted a lot of different ways. “God hates fags”, “God is sad when you eat fish on Fridays”, “Jesus was tortured and killed then came back as a zombie and physically floated up to heaven to hang with his dad, God- because God demanded a sacrifice in order to like us again and the only thing that was good enough for him was the sadistic murder of his own son”.

    Meh… The pitfalls of dealing with anthropomorphic personifications. I should get in on the propaganda campaign and make a sign. “God loves cannibals”

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