Oops! I forgot!

I was looking over the list of the songs that I haven’t yet covered, which I think you should hear before you die, and I realized that there are two songs that I should have mentioned yesterday when I explained the songs that shouldn’t be played around young children.

This is an error of omission on my part. Pure and simple; there is nothing more to read into their absence from yesterday’s post.

So here they are:

Shoe, by George Hrab
George Hrab is one of those artists on my list of songs to hear before you die, who I knew that I’d include on my list even if I wasn’t sure which song I was going to choose. I first met him at the CD release party for his album Vitriol, and listened to the CD on the way home from Bethlehem, PA, to Horsham, PA. I had previously known him only as the drummer for the Philadelphia Funk Authority and went to the party with a couple of friends. By the time I got home, I was a fan. “Shoe” is one of many gems on this album. I don’t normally do this, but I actually played the song again as soon as it ended, I wanted to hear it again. It’s an indictment of sorts of the kind of journalism that’s always seeking scandals and revels in the schadenfreude of watching people fall. Watch the video below and you’ll see the reason why it belongs in the category of songs my kids are too young to hear.

Little Lion Man, by Mumford and Sons
Yesterday, I wrote that “Sing” by The Dresden Dolls was the only song in the group of “not in front of the kids” songs that had a safe-for-radio edit. That was based upon my omission of this song. Unlike the Dresden Dolls’ edit, though, the removal of the word “fuck” from the oft-repeated chorus line of “I really fucked it up this time” does not do the song any justice. This song and album made a lot of critics “best of 2010” lists, and with good reason.


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