Maybe it’s an apostatic church?

I didn’t get a picture of it, but last night I saw a church sign that read “God cares more about your heart than your religion” (or something like that).

This is one of those signs that clearly demonstrates that they don’t read the bible. Doesn’t the first commandment instruct us not to have any other gods before him? (Yahweh or the highway, as I like to put it…)

Furthermore, Ezekiel 18:24-26 and 33:12-18 clearly state that apostates must be put to death.



One response to “Maybe it’s an apostatic church?

  1. I think that church is one that probably only acknowledged one God to begin with and just considers it physically impossible to have a religion that is not worshiping that one God. I take it to mean that they think God doesn’t care what denomination of God worshiper you are. This is a pretty bold statement.

    It’s also possible that they were talking about how God judges them on their heart and actions but not how well they appear to practice their religion. Basically taking a stance that says that God is the judge and he judges according to his omniscient knowledge of you and not on the criteria of people.

    either way, i like it better than most church signs, even if just becuase it seems to go against the Bible and this seems like a good thing.

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