Shouldn’t we be bored with this stuff by now?

Whenever a celebrity “comes out” and reveals that he or she is gay, my opinion of them is not altered in the least. If I liked their work before they made the “big reveal”, I will still like their work after the dust settles. If I didn’t like their work before, the revelation won’t make me rethink anything. And if my reaction to hearing the news was “Who?” (as was the case with Robin Roberts when she came out), it will make me no more or less likely to seek out their work.

(In full fairness, the name Robin Roberts was familiar to me; I just didn’t know where I knew the name from…)

Right, wrong, or otherwise, we do admire celebrities. We sometimes find them interesting. And the gender — in very general terms — of the person that celebrity might want to have sex with ought to be one of the most boring aspects of anyone’s life (famous or otherwise).

Maybe I’m speaking from a position of privilege. After all, I’m a straight man. So I’m not complaining about when a celebrity comes out of the closet. If even one more young gay or lesbian kid is encouraged to do the same as a result, it’ll have been worth it.

For me personally, though, it changes nothing. If the celebrity happens to be a female about whom I might’ve harbored some (ahem) fantasies, I won’t even stop fantasizing. I figure my odds of getting with a female celebrity (straight or gay) are pretty much nonexistent, so if she happens to be gay, the fantasy won’t become any less likely. Of course, I don’t really reveal the celebrities I lust after, so it doesn’t alter my personal fantasies. I would always respect their wishes and I wouldn’t want to do anything that might offend someone in this realm…

It is enough, though, to make me wonder when a celebrity might come out of the closet and have it be as much of a non-news item as that same celebrity going grocery shopping.


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