Planned Parenthood

I admit it.  I sometimes enjoy trolling fundamentalist Christian websites. Okay.  Maybe “trolling” isn’t the right word since I don’t actually inject myself into their conversations (much less try to goad them into anything) but you get the point.  It’s absolutely important to know what they’re saying even if you disagree with them.  

It’s not news that an organization known as the “Center for Medical Progress” (considering that the only thing they stand for is opposition to reproductive health care, I’d be hard pressed to find a less accurate name for this group, assuming Pigfuckers of America is already taken) has been publishing slickly edited videos in which they allege that Planned Parenthood illegally sells body parts from aborted and miscarried embryos and fetuses. 

Legitimate political debate depends at least partially on being well-informed and you can’t be informed if you’re being misled.  It’s not a new phenomenon to try to demonize those with whom you disagree, but to the uninformed or underinformed, this is where critical thinking skills are necessary.  

I admit it: I couldn’t watch much of the videos (I made it about fifteen minutes into the first one). I had to turn it off not because of what they were showing, but instead how baldly the producers of the movie were lying to make their supposed points.  

Let me ask a simple question about these videos: if Planned Parenthood is really doing illegal activity as presented therein (and openly admitting to it), why would the producers of the videos sit on the evidence for over a year, and then release it not to the proper authorities but instead to the public?

When historians look back on the presidency of Barack Obama, I suspect his legacy will be more positive than negative, especially in light of the opposition he faced at literally every turn. If his two immediate predecessors could be criticized for conduct unbecoming of the Oval Office (with Bush’s lies being far more devastating than Clinton’s), Obama definitely brought class, dignity, and honesty back to the presidency.   One of the negatives of Obama’s presidency, though, is the fate of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.  (There are others but they’re not relevant to this essay.). This is (or rather, was.  It was liquidated in bankruptcy proceedings in late 2010) an organization that helped motivate countless inner city youth and give them leadership skills.  Who knows how much worse off our cities would be without groups like this?

You may recall the similarly edited — and equally dishonest — videos created by people on a mission to discredit ACORN.  And I do fault Obama for not defending the community organizers more vigorously.  And I wonder if the success (at least in the eyes of the video producers) of that campaign at least partially emboldened the Pugfuckers of America.  I mean the Center for Meducal Progress.  I wonder if there’s any overlap between the producers.  

Some antiabortion activists are finally starting to show their hands.  They don’t want to just ban abortion.   They want to control all human sexuality.  This explains their vehement opposition to the so-called gay agenda because whatever else is or isn’t true, when you’ve got two or more people with the same sex organs grinding those organs together, lots of things can happen, but a pregnancy isn’t one.  

I do find it strangely ironic.  These are the same people who continually proclaim that our species is somehow superior to other animals.  Yet when it comes to sex — which, when you think of the myriad reasons why we choose to have it, actually is and can be a difference between us and most other animals — they’ll tell you it’s bad unless it’s to achieve a pregnancy.  Just like so many other animals.

I’m hard-pressed to come up with any organization that has done more to improve people’s lives, keep them healthy, and encourage responsibility in having a family, than Planned Parenthood.   Not only do they deserve praise, and more money than they currently receive, they deserve not to be harangued by these misinformed ideologues who want to roll back the clock to times when our lives were significantly harder and less healthy.  


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