Meet some low information voters

I make an active effort to see how some people whose worldview is not consistent with my own, view the world.   One website I visit with some frequency is a bulletin board called Rapture Ready, a group of evangelical Christians who look at the world and see the conditions of end times as outlined in the books of Ephesians and Revelation, thoroughly grounded in modern Christian eschatology.   They’re hyper-religious and ultra conservative, feeding each other’s fears and paranoia within the confines of their own protective bubble.  

The membership of this group is largely American, white, evangelical.   While some of them may not have supported Donald Trump from the outset, they are now almost universally supportive of him, largely due to his appointments.  
Several years ago I tried to create a profile for myself so I could troll them but I never got the promised confirmation email (to confirm that I’m neither a robot nor the victim of someone else’s spoofing campaign) so I simply didn’t make any real effort to follow up.  My original user name was a profane word in Russian but if I were to try it again, I’d likely use Matthew6-6 if it’s not taken.   If I were ever called on it, I’d simply explain that my name was Matthew and that my birthday is June 6, relying on them not knowing that particular verse of the Bible or how it basically tells them not to act the way they do…

There is a short thread on the board that I’d like to share with everyone.  In the interest of protecting people’s privacy I won’t link directly to it but it can be found in the “Breaking News and World Events” forum from the above link.   The original post is dated a little over a week ago, February 10, 2017.  I have copied all remarks verbatim.   The one link provided in the thread, I am also copying.  

Subject: Le Pen: If elected, French Jews will have to renounce Israeli citizenship

Poster 1: Le Pen: If elected, French Jews will have to renounce Israeli citizenship.

Link to Jerusalem Post article confirming same
Poster 2: a little animated icon in which one emoji is slapping another, with the label “Snap out of it”   That is what I would tell him.

Poster 1: quoting poster 2 and then issuing the correction “…her”

Poster 3: How typical of the nation of France to come up with such a ludicrous policy. However, this is exactly what you can expect from a nation without God. After all, this is the nation that held the French Revolution.

It’s obvious that neither poster 2 nor poster 3 actually read the linked article.   Had poster 2 actually read the article (or known about the election prior to it), he or she (I honestly don’t know the genders of any of the posters here…) would have known that Marine Le-Pen is a woman.  You literally need look no further than the first paragraph to know better.  

Poster 3 is the more interesting person here because of the way his or her opinion was reached.  This person excoriates the secular nature of France as a nation.  One truth about RR is their unflinching support for Israel because of its role in bringing about  the so-called end times.  

The linked article actually raises questions about the journalistic credibility of the Jerusalem Post.  The real news story is that French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le-Pen says that the only people who should have dual citizenship with France and another country, should be dual citizens with other EU countries.  By definition, that excludes Israel, and she acknowledges it as such.  

I think this is a bad idea since it drips of a modified nationalism that merely exchanges France’s borders with those of the EU, and can have horrifying implications to all immigrants in France.  

But by putting the implications in terms of Israeli citizenship rather than a greater anti-immigrant sentiment, the Post ironically risks fomenting greater anti-Semitism by claiming not that the whole policy proposal is bad, but that Jews somehow deserve preferential treatment over other non-EU members (which, let’s remember, will soon include Britain).

If either Poster 2 or Poster 3 had actually been good citizens within their worldview, they would argue not that Ms. Le-Pen’s proposal is a bad idea on its surface (as they’ve both done), but instead that there should be an exception to the policy for Israel.  

I almost want someone to let the folks at Rapture Ready know about this blog post of mine, even if it would scuttle my ability to troll them.  They claim (and try) to be informed about world events but are stuck in their own bubble and need to be broken out.  


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